Workshop: Self-determination theory – An approach to enhancing students’ motivation and wellness

Dear colleagues,


Professor Christopher Niemiec from the University of Rochester will be visiting us in November and giving a workshop on self-determination theory in education on Tuesday 8.11. at 9-12 (Siltavuorenpenger 5 A, Minervatori rooms K222.1 & K222.2). The title of the workshop is “Self-determination theory: An approach to enhancing students’

motivation and wellness”.


Professor Niemiec has wide-ranging expertise on self-determination theory in diverse contexts and topics and he has also worked in close collaboration with the developers of the theory, Professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. He has been awarded for his work as a teacher as well (University of Rochester).


You are very welcome to join; please register in advance as the places in the workshop are limited:


Professor Niemiec is invited by Mind the Gap research project; for the attendees the workshop is free of charge.


Below you can find a more specific description of the workshop:




Self-determination theory:

An approach to enhancing students’ motivation and wellness


Christopher P. Niemiec

University of Rochester


Whether or not we realize it, success in school is, in large part, an issue of motivation. Often times, students struggle to find energy at school, to mobilize their effort for high-quality performance, and to persist at school activities. At the same time, teachers can use different strategies to motivate their students. One approach is to use external motivators—grades, threats, and sanctions. Yet students can also be motivated from within, especially when afforded opportunities to regulate their own behavior, to master new skills, and to collaborate with others. An extensive corpus of empirical findings from self-determination theory has shown that tapping into students’ autonomous motivation helps to harness their effort, performance, and well-being at school. An important question, then, concerns how teachers can best facilitate autonomous motivation among their students.


Join this workshop with Christopher P. Niemiec, Ph.D. (an international expert on motivation from the University of Rochester) for an overview of theory and application of cutting-edge research in education contexts. Herein, you will learn about (1) self-determination theory, which examines why we do what we do; (2) the importance of autonomous motivation at school; (3) how three basic psychological needs are essential for high-quality persistence and performance among students; and (4) what teachers can do to promote optimal motivation at school. As well, you will have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in (1) understanding the importance of basic psychological needs for optimal motivation at school and (2) how teachers can provide support for their students’ basic psychological needs in the classroom.


All are welcome!