Colin Jones introducing Academagogy

I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar held in Helsinki about education, innovation policy and pedagogies to enhance 21st century learning. A special focus was given to entrepreneurship and innovations in post-industrialised countries such as Finland.

One of the keynote speakers was professor Colin Jones from the University of Tasmania. He specializes in entrepreneurship education but I feel the presentation was a powerful talk about education in this century on a general as well.

Earlier in the same week Jones (together with other keynote speaker Ted Dintersmith) visited the OmniSchool project team at the University of Helsinki. He had interesting conceptual suggestions for 21st century learning and teaching. Instead of just pedagogy, we also need heutagogy (which relates to self-determined learning) and something in between these two, that is, andragogy (which relates to lifelong and life-wide education). When all three are in balance in education, we have achieved Academagogy – a new concept Colin introduced to the audience.

Check out the presentation on video above – PowerPoint-slides are available, too, in Dropbox folder.