Affective, cognitive, and social consequences of digital revolution for youth development and education

GAPS team brings interdisciplinary and methodologically innovative knowledge to bridge the gaps between youth development needs, practices and school context! In the project, we examine the developmental dynamic effects of digitalization on youth affective, cognitive, brain and social development in Finnish and global context. Our aim is to facilitate discourse between different stakeholders how to equip young people and education professionals with the challenges in the changing global context.

The study is methodologically new and innovative. We integrate experience sampling method by smartphones, biomarkers of cortisol and sleep, social network analysis and longitudinal functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The ongoing study is following three longitudinal cohorts from Helsinki

  • Millennials born 2000
  • Highs school students born 1997
  • Comprehensive school students born 2005

New data collection is taking place in spring 2019!

Our Project Team

Our project team brings together researchers from the fields of developmental science, educational psychology, cognitive neuroscience, social psychology and medicine. The aim of our collaboration is to promote the next generation of researchers and stimulate innovative, interdisciplinary and comparative research.

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